Walk into Anna Kemper Atelier, a new home décor retail space and interior design outpost in the Union Market District of Washington DC, and prepare yourself for, well, everything. The aesthetic here is a thoughtfully curated mix of the organic and the luxe, the neutral and the bright, clean and modern lines beside the intricately carved. Do not be fooled, however, by the seemingly all-inclusive vibe. Each piece from the most dear of antiques to the smallest and most modest of objects is thoughtfully handpicked by Anna, whose creative vision shapes a look of calm, not clutter. She has an affinity for the tactile; organic materials and texture dominate, but the secret is in the mix of these leading elements paired with luxe metals, lacquered finishes, glam lighting, hand painted objects and glazed ceramics.

“If you walk in the shop or look at pictures of spaces I have designed, and you can’t quite put your finger on ‘the style’, then you get my style,” says Anna. “My aesthetic comes from within, a deeply instinctual creative space, translated into the physical realm – be it your home, your business or the retail shop. Seeing this evolution from creative vision to the tangible world, and especially sharing it with others, is my true calling and passion. I invite all to share it with me.”